Sky Sport Calcio

 Sky Sport Calcio

Sky Sport Calcio live TV streaming

Sky Calcio is a group of pay-TV channels available on the Sky TV platform.

Sky Calcio live TV is also pay-per-view as it is also possible to purchase the television programs of the Sky Calcio channels individually.

As a group of television channels, it can be used by subscribing to the Sky Calcio package, while as pay-per-view it can be used by subscribing to at least one of the Sky television channel packages. In March 2014, the subscribers of the Sky Calcio package were 2.28 million (50% of subscribers). From 2 July 2018, the Sky Calcio channels are renamed Sky Sport; however, the previous name is retained to identify the package they are part of.

Sky Sports Info (channel 248) is the channel dedicated to the programming of matches that will be visible on Sky Sport and Sky Calcio.

What can you see with Sky Calcio?

Serie A TIM live TV

The top division of Italian football with 7 matches out of 10 every day and 16 big matches out of 20 until the 2020/2021 season. A game in turn also in 4K HDR with Sky Q satellite. With the story of those who lived Serie A on the pitch.

Women's soccer live TV

1 match in the round of Serie A TIM VISION, semi-finals and final of the Italian Cup and the matches that will award the Italian Super Cup.

European football live TV Streaming

The spectacle of European football with matches between foreign teams in the 2020/2021 edition of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League and up to 5 Premier League matches in the round, one of which is 4K HDR with Sky Q satellite.

Sky Sport 24 live TV Stream

Much more than a 24-hour sports news channel: press reviews, columns, insights, and statistics on the world of sport.

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